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  1. The IADVL EC has approved 99 scholarships of Rs 15,000/-each (33 each to LMs aged >35 yrs, LMs aged Lessthen 35 yrs and PLMs) for attending DERMACON INTERNATIONAL-2019 at Bengaluru.
  2. Only registered delegates presenting a paper / poster, and who have not obtained any DERMACON / MIDDERMACON scholarship from the IADVL earlier, and have no other funding source (e.g. conference organizers, state branches, government, ICMR, pharmaceutical company, or institutions) are eligible.
  3. Those who have received Fellowships/Observerships earlier are eligible.
  4. Please note that IADVL members are eligible for only one national and one international conference scholarship in their lifetime.
  5. Applications for these will be invited by 30th August 2018.
  6. Applications are to be submitted online along with the brief CV and abstract acceptance letter from the DERMACON INTERNATIONAL scientific committee.
  7. Watch this space and website for more details .

Dr Ramesh Bhat
President, IADVL

Dr Umashankar Nagaraju
Hon. Secretary General, IADVL

Dr KA Seetharam
Chairperson, IADVL Academy

Dr Deepika Pandhi
Convener, IADVL Academy